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Spalding for Home Educators, Part 1 - Online Version

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The focus of Part 1 is on teaching basic language skills, developing a love of reading, and understanding the structure of the language and use of Spalding materials. The information K-6 students need to spell accurately, read fluently and write competently includes writing simple, compound and complex sentences and discerning text structure. Part 2 expands on the information in Part 1 and on all the Spalding teaching procedures needed for teaching grades 3 and above.

See course details for registration fee.
Required materials per participant:
The Writing Road to Reading 20.80
Grade Level Teacher's Guide, (select grade from K to 6th) 70.00
Individual set of Spalding Phonogram Cards plus Additional Phonogram Cards 13.90
CD of the Spalding Phonogram Sounds 5.95
Spelling/vocabulary Notebook for K-2 2.20
McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Primary Reading 6.00
McCall-Crabbs Book A 6.00
User's Guide for McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs Book A 6.00
Total Materials (plus shipping/handling) $130.85

Course cost is the total of registration, plus materials and shipping/handling.