How widely is this program being used?

When looking at our website, you can read about 14 of our Spalding accredited schools. We have taught courses in the following states over the past few years: Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, New York, Mississippi, Wyoming, Alaska. We also have a licensee in Australia, and have had courses in China, South Korea, Singapore, London, Manila, Honduras, and a lady from Indonesia who has traveled to the United States for two courses the past 2 summers. She is using the Method in her school with 100 children.

We have 80 Spalding Certified Teacher Instructors located across the United States and Australia who instruct our courses. In addition to these SCTIs, we have over 100 Spalding Certified Teachers throughout the United States who are teacher leaders within their own schools and who instruct our parent courses. There are also several of the SCTIs and SCTs who provide tutoring services.