Third Grade

The Third Grade Teacher's Guide Forms



Assessment forms for the Third Edition of the Third Grade Teacher's Guide

  • Expanded Skills Trace  PDF
  • Scope and Sequence  PDF
  • Individual Oral Phonogram Assessment  Word PDF
  • Written Phonogram Pre/Post Assessment  Word PDF
  • Spalding Spelling Assessment List 1 and Post Assessment  Word PDF
  • Spalding Spelling Assessment List  Word PDF
  • Class Instructional Level Tally Sheet  Word PDF
  • Spalding Spelling Class Progress Report  Word PDF
  • Spalding Sentence Writing Checklist  Word PDF
  • Spalding Paragraph Writing Checklist  Word PDF
  • Fluent and Expressive Reading Checklist  Word PDF
  • Comprehension Assessment Answer Form  Word PDF
  • Comprehension Class Progress Report  Word PDF

Organizer forms for the Third Edition of the Third Grade Teacher's Guide


  • Narrative Text Structure Organizer  Word PDF
  • Informative Text Structure Organizer  Word PDF
  • Informative-Narrative Text Structure Organizer  Word PDF


  • Narrative Writing Organizer  Word PDF
  • Informative Writing Organizer 1  Word PDF or Informative Writing Organizer 2  Word PDF
  • Informative-Narrative Writing Organizer 1  Word PDF or Informative-Narrative Writing Organizer 2  Word PDF
  • Expanded Narrative Elements Writing Organizer  Word PDF
  • Compare and Contrast Writing Organizer  Word PDF



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