ESL, (English as a Second Language), ELL, (English Language Learners), or ESOL, (English for Speakers of Other Languages), no matter what it's called The Writing Road to Reading is the program of proven results for those whose primary language is other than English.


The National Reading Panel (NRP) identified Phonemic Awareness, Systematic Phonics, Vocabulary, Text Comprehension, and Fluency as the components of effective instruction for English speaking children. Research verifies the same five components for teaching English learners (see page 2 of SEI News 24-3). All NRP components are taught in The Writing Road to Reading. In addition, diagnostic teaching and differentiated instruction are embedded in The Method, making adaptation to the needs of English learners, and all students, part of daily instruction.


Unlike most programs that teach spelling, writing, and reading in separate units, Spalding's integrated instruction reinforces skill and concept acquisition and provides multiple opportunities for practice and application. Word usage, handwriting, and syllable division are taught in spelling and reinforced in the writing lesson. Integrated instruction is especially important for students unfamiliar with the sounds and conventions of spoken and written English. 



The Writing Road to Reading is...




Successfully teaching all students, (non-native speakers and those whose first language is English) at the prestigious St. Spyridon School (see page 6 of SEI News 24-3) in New South Wales Australia.



Successfully teaching non-English speaking women and girls to speak, read, and write at Baytree Centre (see page 4 of SEI News 24-3) in Brixton, England.

Successfully teaching children of all ages to speak, read and write English in a private school in Jakarta, Indonesia. (see page 1 of SEI News 24-3).


Successfully teaching students at Gallego Basic Elementary School in Tucson AZ. Gallego was identified as the best school in the state for teaching English Language Learners by Arizona State Superintendent of Schools, Tom Horne. "To succeed in bringing academic success to English Language Learners, schools around the state should copy the methods used by Gallego Basic Elementary School..."
The Writing Road to Reading was chosen by Gallego parents at the school's inception in 1978.


Identified as a BEAT THE ODDS school in the Morrison Institute's 2006 study, Why Some Schools with Latino Children BEAT THE ODDS... and Others Don't. "At Gallego Basic Elementary School, a set of interlocking practices are designed to create a continuous process of customizing instruction. The school uses The Spalding Method®, a diagnostic method that focuses on elementary-level reading and encourages individual educational approaches. As part of The Spalding Method, assessments are done weekly and monthly."