The Writing Road to Reading Program At a Glance

Spalding's Writing Road to Reading, a total language arts program, integrates essential research-based components, an educational philosophy, and a methodology consisting of time-tested principles of learning
and instruction.


                                  The Spalding Method is:










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Spalding's Kindergarten to Sixth Grade Teacher Guides provide 32 weeks of:

The Spalding Method incorporates a combination of explicit, interactive, and diagnostic instruction in whole group followed by interventions and enhancements in small group as needed.

Daily observations and assessments enable teachers to differentiate instruction to meet individual needs: English Language Learners, Special Needs Students, and Gifted.

Students learn the purpose for every task and are active participants throughout Spalding lessons.

Series 1 and 2 leveled readers provide practice of phonograms, text structures, and fluency for Kindergarten and first grade. Fine literature and informational text is recommended for teaching reading objectives for second grade and above. primary and intermediate readers.


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For validation, click here to see the Arizona State University 4-year longitudinal study and other Supportive Research.