Spalding for middle school

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Spalding for middle school

Postby ibteacher » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:15 am

Our school is looking at adopting the Spalding program for grades K-8. We have received curriculum samples for up to grade 5. I will be teaching a 6-8 reading class for struggling students. Would Spalding be a good fit for this type of class? Is there a different placement test for middle school students? What is the success rate for middle school students that are behind to get up to grade level by using this program?

Thank you!
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Re: Spalding for middle school

Postby Phyllis » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:53 am

It sounds as though your school is seriously considering the adoption of The Spalding Method as your language arts curriculum. This step will certainly move students in a positive direction. Your specific assignment, teaching a 6-8 class for struggling students means that you likely will have students of far-ranging abilities, experiences, and levels of achievement. If done well, The Spalding Method can be the best possible approach you could use to help these students. You have to realize that many of your students will lack understanding of basic skills – such as phonemic awareness and structured phonics. The trick to working with older students needing basic skills is to teach those skills in a way that is not demeaning, demoralizing, or boring to older students. Construction of the spelling notebook gives you a vehicle to teach those basics in a way very different from what most students have experienced. While “filling the gaps” in basic learning The Spalding Method also offers an “integrated” approach to teaching language arts that incorporates writing and reading comprehension as well. It will be quite possible to begin teaching high-level concepts in both of these areas using the materials offered through Spalding.

Your task will be to provide a “crash course” in all those things these older students should have learned in the earlier grades. . . but didn’t. There are a myriad of reasons why students may have fallen through the cracks, but Spalding would give you effective tools to significantly raise these students’ achievement levels. Your task is not an easy one because teaching this kind of class requires that you diagnose each student’s needs. . . where the gaps and holes are and then teach directly to those needs.

Please tell us more about who you are and where you are. We welcome other questions and are available through or by phone at 623-434-1204.
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Re: Spalding for middle school

Postby dgreen » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:03 pm

I am also going to be teaching Spalding to sixth graders who have never had the program. They are extremely behind with more than 50% at the intensive level.
I'm wondering how to adapt the lessons for older students who need the same PA and Phonic instruction as first and second grade. If the students test out at a low level on the Morrison-McCall, do I start them in their spelling notebooks at that level, even if it's Level J? How many phonograms do I introduce per day? I assume OPR and WPR to support the phonograms. I'm okay with the comprehension piece. I just want to make sure that I start appropriately with this group and not make them feel that they are stupid. They are very behind though and desperately need the remedial instruction. Is there any resource for using the program for older students who have never had Spalding before?

I am also supposed to use Harcourt Storytown, but it doesn't make sense because the students are unable to comprehend at a sixth grade level.

What would it sound like and look like beginning with these students?

Thank you,

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